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Disabled Voices from Gaza team launching the first training Program for disabled university students and graduates in Palestine ” Media and Information Literacy (MIL) and Narrative Methodologies “


Disabled voices from Gaza team have launched the first of its type inclusive-training programme at the Islamic university of Gaza on Monday the 3rd of July 2023, as a part of an international project to develop media and information literacy and narrative methodologies, funded by the British Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), in partnership with the Action Against Violence Foundation (AOAV) and in collaboration with the University of Birmingham in the UK.

This inclusive training aims at enhancing storytelling and media literacy skills for disabled university students and graduates,

18 individuals participated in the first phase of this training, (12 female and 6 male) to represent various Palestinian universities and the different types of disabilities, including visual, hearing, and partial mobility impairments. The trainees ‘fields of study encompass diverse disciplines such as journalism, media, information technology, and English language.

The first phase of this online training is conducted via Zoom, delivered by the executive manager of AOAV  Dr. Iain Overton, along with his research assistant, Ms. Sabrina Lavrut and with full supervision and cooperation with IUG team, including the project director Dr. Nazmi Masri, , main researcher Dr. Mahmoud Jalambo, and  project coordinator Eng. Sharehan Masri. According to the initial feedback provided by the participants, this training course has met their expectations to provide them with unprecedented knowledge and skills in media literacy and effective communication with society through social media platforms.

Its worth to mention that this project is one of the projects in partnership with Birmingham
University including disability under siege project( DUS) for 4 years

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